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Volcaner Volcaner

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Simple and Fun

The game is simple and easy to play. It was entertaining for the few minutes i played with it and the animations flow very well.

I thought it was a fun and simple puzzle game.

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Slave Ball Slave Ball

Rated 2 / 5 stars


It's not bad, but not really good either. Looks like its more or less using basic flash commands. The need to guess the other commands is interesting but I was too bored to really try to figure them out.

However, kill does have a funny animation and dance looks sorta cool but overall its uninteresting.

Improve upon what you have, make it more colorful, and maybe have it do something else other than be a "pet rock"

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Psybot - eternal youth Psybot - eternal youth

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very upbeat and EPIC!

This song is very upbeat and lifting! I can imagine this song in a movie during a upbeat happy moment, like when the guy gets the girl or the hero saves the day. Very nice song! I'm starting to produce songs again after a break, but alas, nothing near as good as your stuff. I hope to learn someday, especially if i hope to produce an album! Enough about me, on to the review!

Right away, the song gets moving. But its not hardcore guns blazing either. It has a nice intro, followed by a great main melody. The beat and bass flows extremely well with the song. Your melodies are similar, but different enough to not be repatative. You also have very good melodies that flow from on part to the next. You had my ear from the begining and never lost it throughout the song.

Very good job! 10/10!

DJ Zeeber

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Psybot - Calling back Psybot - Calling back

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Another perfect 10!!

Always a pleasure to see your new submissions. I thought you were gone forever, but I'm glad I was wrong! Your music never fails to inspire me. You have an incredible talent for trance music, and i wish i could do the same. Although I try, i can never seem to give it that "Energy" that your music has. Something about it just makes me want to get up and dance. And i don't dance.

I love your synth choice and melodies, your beats fit perfectly, and your bass keeps it flowing. I wish i could see how you do it because, as one of my favorite artists on NG, you provide me with inspiration to keep making music, even though i can't compare in quality with your music. The rich sounds and complexity of your songs puts mine to shame!

Anyway, awsome song! Keep it up!

DJ Zeeber

PS> What program do you use? I use FL Studio, and i have Reason, but haven't figured it out yet! lol